YouTube 5th Birthday Milestones

YouTube 5th Birthday Milestones

It’s pretty impressive how far YouTube has come in the last 5 years. The site was really the first to bring internet video to the masses in a simply way. At the time, when Google acquired it for some 1.65 Billion in stock, people wondered what Google was thinking. Google was smart and got the YouTube brand at incredible value. After solving the bandwithe issues they really have a winner on their hand.

YouTube is serving 2 billion views a day! That is almost double the prime-time audience of all three major US television networks combined. With their new direction towards live video they are embracing the next great phase of video on the web. Also, as time goes on, I predict YouTube will successfully escape the computer and make it’s way to the television and begin to seriously compete with cable providers. YouTube will offer video with the small banner ads they have now instead of disruptive one and can offer different ads depending on the information they have about your account. Imagine the advertising being perfectly segmented. In addition this will allow small advertisers to make it on to your TV, lowering the cost to enter the TV advertising market.

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Here are the birthday stats as promised:

2 Billion views a day
3rd most visited website (Alexa)
Localized in 23 countries across 24 different languages
15 The average number of minutes people spend on the site each day
24 Hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
45 Million home page impressions every day Update: YouTube has clarified that this is the number of daily impressions in the US alone
70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the U.S.
100 Years of video scanned by copyright managent technology, Content ID, every day
1700 Years it would take you to watch the hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube

Key Milestones

First video uploaded to the site (April 2005)
Ronaldinho video is first to reach 1 million views(July 2006)
Google acquires YouTube (October 2006)
CNN/YouTube debates (June 2007)
YouTube mobile site launches (January 2008)
YouTube Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall (April 2009)

Product Milestones
YouTube enables embeds on other sites (June 2005)
Partner Program launches (December 2007)
InVideo Ads launches (August 2007)
Content ID launches (October 2007)
YouTube videos available in HD (December 2008)
Shows and Movies (April 2009)
YouTube XL (June 2009)
YouTube Direct (November 2009)
HTML5 Supported Videos (January 2010)

Top 5 Most Viewed Videos of all time
Lady Gaga Bad Romance with 196,115,524 views
Charlie bit my finger with 185,714,255 views
Evolution of Dance with 142,679,738 views
Miley Cyrus – 7 Things with 117,413,641
Pitbull – I Know You Want Me with 118,410,161

Top 5 Most Subscribed Partners
nigahiga with 2,186,108 subscribers
Fred with 1,721,0095 subscribers
ShaneDawsonTV with 1,486,594
smosh with 1,461,046 subscribers
RayWilliamJohnson with 1,223,753 subscribers

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