Gainesville Social Media Makes Moves

As many of you already know (all current customers have already been notified), Gainesville Social Media is undergoing some big changes in the upcoming weeks. We will no longer be accepting additional clients or taking on new projects, but the team will still be providing our same high-quality service and honoring all current contracts.

Gainesville Social Media was founded at a time when most businesses had not heard of Facebook, and even less knew what Twitter was. I remember calling business asking them if they wanted to buy a Facebook page, and the most common questioned asked was, “What is Facebook?” Nowadays many of those same companies have Facebook pages, whether we sold them to them or not. Social media has arrived, the revolution has happened, and it wasn’t televised, it was tweeted. It’s crazy how quickly the world has changed, but as they say, change is the only constant.

Social Media has been great to us, but we are increasingly being drawn to the field of mobile marketing. We are not entirely sure the exact direction we will be going in, but we have been selling mobile websites for a few months now and it seems to be along the right path.

Thank everyone for your kind remarks and well wishes. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you need anything, and myself or a member of the team will take care of you as if nothing has changed.


The entire GSM Team

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